Dawa Phuti Sherpa

President February, 2017

Dawa Phuti Sherpa graduated from CUNY-Hunter College with a major in Geography and minor in Computer Science. A leader and activist by nature, she is the current NSSP President. Dawa Phuti is a young role model for all women in our community to lead and not to be afraid to speak their mind. Dawa is extremely passionate about serving the community and has taken part in various events and organization for the past six year. In her free time, Dawa Phuti likes to hike, travel and explore nature.

Aska Sherpa

Vice President February, 2017

A great leader with a kind soul whose passion and dedication to serve the community never fails to amaze the members. Aska Sherpa, a nursing student at The Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing is also an advocate of feminism. She joined NSSP in 2015 and with her enthusiasm and leadership skills she lifts up the team. During her free time, Aska likes to hit the gym and challenge herself physically and mentally.

Chhewang Sherpa

Secretary February, 2017

Chhewang Sherpa is a current Computer engineering student at The City College of New York. He is currently serving as the Vice President for Nepalese Student Assocaiont at CCNY and NSSP Secretary. In his free time, Chhewang likes to play soccer and guitar.

Ang Nimi Sherpa

Treasurer February, 2017

Ang Nimi Sherpa who is a student at Medgar Evers College is the youngest board member of NSSP. Her volunteering experience and her willingness to serve the community inspires Sherpa youths to get involved in the community. During her free time Nimi likes to play different sports, dance, and visit new places. Along with her athletic background, she also wants to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering.

Funyima Sherpa

Liaison director February, 2016

Funyima Sherpa graduated from Idaho State University with a Civil Engineering degree and joined NSSP in 2015. He has been consistently active in the Nepali diaspora community and is the current Liaison director for NSSP. Team members describe him as a calm and driven force who is not afraid to lead the pack when the time arises.

Tenging Lama

Event Coordinator February, 2017

Tenging Lama graduated from Stony Brook University with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Chemistry. He is currently in a graduate school at Stony Brook University, where he is pursuing a masters degree in Medical Humanities. Tenging has been involved with NSSP since 2014 and now is a part of the NSSP team.

Sherap Sherpa

Administrative Coordinator February, 2017

Sherap Sherpa, who is a student at Hunter College-CUNY majoring in Bio Chemistry with a minor in Computer Science has been involved with the Sherpa community from a young age. Sherap, who is also a fan of Liverpool Football Club and a football player himself is passionate about development of Sherpa youths through integration of sports and culture.

Sangay Dolma

Advisor January, 2010

Sangay Dolma has been working with NSSP for the past six years. She graduated from Hunter College with a major in Psychology. Sangay Dolma is one of the earlier members of NSSP and has been actively working in the Sherpa community for a long time. She is a person who does not hesitate to help anyone and is extremely kindhearted. In her free time, she likes to travel, read and explore new worlds.